Minimalism series: Being more with less, decluttering the kids clothes

So I’m on a roll with these blog posts. I am starting to get into a real flow, managing my time pretty well. So far so good. I aim to post 3 times a week with a focus on Fashion (Friday), Lifestyle (Saturday) and Minimalism (Monday) so do look out for those, and follow me on instagram and twitter @twinkins_and twinkinsblog_ respectively 🙂 I would so appreciate it!

Anyways, so today for #MinimalismMonday I wanted to start a two-part post focusing on decluttering. The kids and I live in a pretty small 2-bedroom apartment which means mess is easily accumulated; no matter how many times I walk around the place tidying up there is always a room left unattended before I head to bed, or dishes not washed because I literally can’t be bothered to be going in circles all the time. The same thing goes with doing laundry; clothes on top of clothes piling up in the laundry basket that can go days without being washed. Whilst I have clothes sitting on the sofa hoping they’d fold and pack themselves away in their designated places. It’s seriously exhaustive doing everything on your own.

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How am I to potty train? and potty book review

Potty training. The dreaded 2 words that most parents I assume dread!

What makes the task of teaching your lil one even more daunting, is the fact that there are various techniques to gaining success. As a new mum to twins I am constantly trying to figure motherhood out, and dealing with each stage of raising a child as it comes.

In this post I want to share with you my experience of potty training, and  a book I aim to use that I am hoping can save me when teaching my twin 2 year olds.

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Little Man’s A/W16 Seasonal pieces Wish List

Autumn. The time of year where weather conditions can alternate between being mild and dry, or wet and windy. It’s can be so temperamental that you just never know what to expect! Whilst, Winter is all abut freezing your tits off, and unfortunately for some (like me) snow falls. Nevertheless, I do like A/W simply because of the fact we get to layer up more. I’m a big fan of knits and fluffiness; and one of my great joys is being able to snuggle up under the duvet with a nice cup of tea, whilst watching some trashy reality TV like ‘Bad girls club’ (which I’m currently watching now, don’t judge me lol).

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Why I want my kids to learn Mandarin, Chinese!

你好, 我 叫 龍若山。 Ni hao, wo jiao long ruoshan. 

That’s not all the mandarin, Chinese I know. I started studying mandarin in college only because the free Italian language class was fully booked, and I thought it would be cool to learn a language. I ended up loving it so much, that I continued it in my second year of university at intermediate level, focusing on the four essential skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. I fully enjoyed it! And was also a great distraction from the course I actually was meant to be focussing on (BSc Psychology). I like to procrastinate a lot! (Don’t judge me). 

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The twins bedtime ‘Book Review’: the Gruffalo child


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Have you read the much loved book ‘‘The Gruffalo’? well this book ‘The Gruffalo’s child’ is its sequel. A best-seller written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. And although this book stands well on it’s own, it would be great to know the part 1, as the same woodland animal characters make a second appearance which flows really well into this story.

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I am feeling positive about blogging again…

HI! 🙂
I’m back on my blogging again after a veryyy long break of not writing. And to be honest, not having a desire to write.

It is crazy because I am a new blogger in the parenting community, and the fact that I don’t have much of a following (I am totally grateful for all my followers) means I doubt anyone really noticed I was missing lol.

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Genderless clothes for my twins makes life simple

When I think of gender-neutral clothing I think of Jaden Smith and his sister Willow, their daring and expressive taste in clothes hasn’t gone unnoticed, and Jaden for one has definitely shown what it means to wear gender free clothing; as shown in the Louis Vuittion S/S16 campaign for womenswear where he’s seen wearing a pleated skirt.

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